An Unexpected Joy: Taking Woodstock

Two nights ago, exhausted after a stressful day’s work I accidentally watched a movie. In all honesty, I was so shattered that i couldn’t be bothered to look for the remote to switch the TV over, so i just sat there and watched exactly the kind of movie I would expected to hate... but hate it I did not.

Since Ang Lee’s Hulk (2003) bought on a migraine so severe that it lasted until Brokeback Mountain two years later, his name (for me anyway) hasn’t been the ‘no brainer’ marketing tool that I’m sure it should be, but now all is forgiven.

Taking Woodstock is one of those films that makes you nostalgic for an era which you weren’t around for and for taking chemicals that you have never tried... it was a total joy (so much so that I watched it again last night).

And if Taking Woodstock floats your boat, it may be also be worth checking out Almost Famous (2000), a film for which the review above (minus Ang Lee and the migraine) could also very easily apply.