Kids These Days Have Such Educational Toys...

Kids these days are so lucky, they have toys that teach them virtually everything they need to know about living in the ‘real world’.

Take for example this 2007 Barbie Shopping Boutique commercial, which demonstrates exactly how every single credit card I have ever owned least for the first month anyway.

What I most like about this product though is how after using it for a full year, Mattel send every qualifying child a complimentary boxed set of the ‘Barbie Cell Block H’ set shown below.

Pasted Graphic
PLEASE NOTE: This toy was unsurprisingly first launched in the boom time of 2007.

I am reliably informed that Mattel have now launched a 2010 ‘Barbie Austerity Boutique’, which is apparently identical in almost every way... except it comes with less staff and is liable to stop working within weeks of opening the box.