The ‘Lympics: The Penultimate Countdown...

Its very easy to ‘have a go’ at the London 2012 Olympics, particularly if you live or work in London and are faced with council tax & business rates increases, but from day one, I have been a massive supporter of the idea.

The London Olympics of 1908 and 1948, not to mention the 1966 World Cup Final are moments in time we all still talk about, even though most of us weren’t even there. I know people keep going on about a legacy, but I can’t help thinking that just holding the 2012 Olympics in London will leave a lasting mark on the whole country, not to mention a much needed boost to East London (the Olympic Park is already looking great by the way). If I was a still a kid, I’m sure I would remember 2012 for the rest of my life.

That said, I have to admit I scoffed at the pink logo when Sir Seb presented it for the first time and I remember my huge disappointment at the lack of the cliché London skyline, lions & Beefeaters, but in hindsight, every-time I see a UPS lorry pull up outside my office with that clashing pink splodge on the side I can’t help thinking that maybe they go it right after all(although I do still prefer in it’s Geri Halliwell / brit pop Union Jack livery).
And then there’s the two mascots... they say they will be running around filming the goings on as POV cameras, and although deep down I still wish that they had bought back World Cup Willie, I have to admit that I find the concept of Wensleydale & Mordor (tm) an infinitely more intriguing prospect... Bring it on!


Eldridge Smerin: House in Highgate Cemetery

A few years ago I went to meet a musician at a house overlooking Highgate Private cemetery. It was designed in the 1970s by John Winter and it looked like it came straight from an episode of Thunderbirds. I saw it and I loved it, for all of its avatar blue, corrugated modernist ridiculousness.

I almost wanted to own it one day, but it wasn’t quite ‘me’.

By pure coincidence, I passed the house again the other day... well not quite the same house, they knocked it down... and look what they built in its place!

Pasted Graphic 1

The new Eldridge Smerin designed house is a triumph (if you like that sort of thing)... and this time it is totally ‘me’.
If I was a house, this is the house I would be.

It was built in 2004, so when I got home, I rushed to see which house was on Google maps, and the answer, neither, just a big hole and a crane.
Anyway, back to work... I’ve got £4m to earn


Bermondsey To Wesminster

Sometimes you forget how beautiful the country you live in is and sometimes you completely forget to look around you at all. Always being in a rush means I’m usually leaping from tube to train, but one day in November I decided to walk... to walk, to look and to think.

I set out from Bermondsey, which as you can see from the picture on the right (taken from the rooftop terrace at the back of my office) has its moments and I ended up at Westminster.

DSC00716 copy
DSC00707 copy
DSC00719 copy
DSC00728 copy
DSC00729 copy
DSC00732 copy
DSC00740-filtered copy
DSC00736 copy