Can **** Tweet Jokes Ever Be Funny?

This is an excerpt from 'The Wright Stuff' on FIVE.TV (UK) 24th November 2010.
The debate is concerning the legal case of 27yr old accountant Paul Chambers regarding a throwaway comment he made on Twitter regarding the temporary closure of Robin Hood Airport in January 2010. The case has become known as #twitterjoketrial.

Panelists on the show include; Comedian Tim Minchin, Actress Tracy Ann Oberman & Journalist Hardeep Singh Kohli
You can find more about the case on the website of lawyer David Allen Green:
WEBSITE INFO FROM FIVE.TV (its a bit sensationalist, but is posted to put the phone calls, texts & tweets used on the show in the context):
Can Bomb Tweet Joke Ever Be Funny?
Our first phone-in: Your thoughts on the bloke who threatened to blow up Robin Hood airport in a Tweet he says was obviously a joke. But special branch thought otherwise and nicked him for it. Now Paul Chambers is appealing against his conviction for sending a menacing communication. Which begs the question, in these dangerous times, if a bomb tweet joke can ever be funny? Maybe you think the authorities have overreacted?